Space Adventures Invites the First Private Lunar Explorer to Step Forward

Space Adventure's Lunar Mission proposal invites enthusiasts to "Be the world's first private lunar explorer, see the far side of the moon and witness the Earth rise." (Credits: Space Adventures).

Space Adventures, a company which manages the sale of Soyuz seats to private citizens for trips to ISS, has put forward a new proposal to manage a private flight to the moon. Tickets will be sold for $150 million.

The mission design, according to Space Adventures founder Eric Anderson, would entail launch aboard a Soyuz followed by rendezvous in low Earth orbit with a booster rocket providing enough propellant for a fly-by of the far side of the Moon.

The following is Space Adventure’s commercial inviting sponsors and space enthusiasts to step forward in support of the lunar mission:




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Merryl Azriel

Merryl Azriel

Merryl is Managing Editor of Space Safety Magazine and Vice President of Public Affairs for the International Space Safety Foundation. A Chemical Engineer and graduate of the International Space University with a Masters in Space Studies, Merryl is committed to the advancement of manned exploration and utilization of space resources.

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