IAASS Publishes New Text: Safety Design for Space Operations

Safety Design for Space OperationsThe International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) has just published the book “Safety Design for Space Operations” (Elsevier, 2013). The book comes four years after “Safety Design for Space Systems,” a university level textbook recently translated into Chinese. With contributions from more than 40 authors, chosen from among the best in their respective fields, the project was coordinated by IAASS President Tommaso Sgobba, and edited by Dr. Firooz Allahdadi, Isabelle Rongier, and Dr. Paul Wilde. This unique reference brings together essential material on several key topics in operations safety design that were previously only available dispersed over several unrelated textbooks and papers. The book reviews the best design practices relating to space operations, such as the design of spaceport facilities for unmanned and manned missions, and containment design for nuclear powered payloads. It presents advanced analysis methods, such as those used to calculate launch and reentry debris fall-out risk and to select safe trajectories. It covers the implementation of safe operation procedures, such as rendezvous and docking, collision avoidance maneuvers, and on-orbit space traffic management. Finally, it deals with safety considerations relating to the general public, aviation, and the environment, in addition to ground personnel and asset protection.

You can purchase the full text here. For more information and an interview with the books’ Editor in Chief  and IAASS President Tommaso Sgobba, see Space Safety Magazine Issue 7.  Preview Chapter 1 below:

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