Believing that risks in space missions are inevitable, that substantial improvements are almost impossible, and relying on public acceptance of current level of risks while society is increasingly risk averse is a recipe for failure. The case for advancing the safety and sustainability of space operations is no longer grounded on moral and ethical principles only, but is becoming a global concern, and key business driver.

The Journal of Space Safety Engineering (JSSE) is an open access peer reviewed publication of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) devoted to the science of space safety and sustainability. The Journal covers not only the safety of human on board, but also the safety of ground personnel during launch preparation, and public safety related to launch and re-entry operations. The Journal covers space traffic management, space debris mitigation and removal, prevention of chemical and nuclear pollution of ground and atmosphere, and control of biological hazard on extra-terrestrial exploration missions. The Journal covers also the natural space hazards, issues such as Near Earth Objects and space weather.

The Journal of Space Safety Engineering is meant to support the advancement of space safety and sustainability by providing an authoritative source of information in the field of space safety design, research and development. It serves applied scientists, engineers, policy makers and safety advocates with a platform to develop, promote and coordinate the science, technology and practice of space safety. The Journal seeks to attract academia interest in space safety and sustainability by establishing itself as a high-level channel of communication between academia, industry and government.

The June 2015 issue of JSSE includes articles on a variety of topics, from the development of an espresso coffee maker for ISS to a proposal to set up the industrial cooperation on commercial space safety standards, and to the issue of long term evolution of space debris population in Low Earth Orbits.

Read the latest issue: Journal of Space Safety Engineering (JSSE) Vol. 2 Issue 1 – June 2015

Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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