A special Highlight Lecture on Mars Base Camp will take place on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 from 17:45 – 18:45 at the IAC 2016.

The lecture will present a detailed technical discussion of how to safely execute human exploration of Mars by leveraging the heavy lift capability of Space Launch System (SLS) and the deep space human rated capabilities of Orion. Additionally, will take place an in depth discussion of the significant science that can be accomplished from a human orbiting laboratory providing a global perspective and access to both Martian moons via an excursion system, including low-latency tele robotics; sample collection, analysis, and curation; and direct investigation of Deimos and Phobos and sample return.

The discussion, moderated by Wanda Sigur, Vice-President and General Manager, Civil Space, Space Systems Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, will feature prominent speakers such as Dominic A. (Tony) Antonelli, Acting Director, Advanced Programs Civil Space, Space Systems Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Rob Chambers, Space Systems Company Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Source: IAF

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