On August 1, the Tauri Group released a study, sponsored by the US Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation and Space Florida, addressing the market demand for suborbital spaceflight over the next decade.

The study, which looked at three economic scenarios, predicts a demand for 533 suborbital flight seats, which leaps to 1,592 seats in the event of an economic growth spurt by year ten. The demand accounts for eight market segments:

Credits: The Tauri Group

Those markets contribute to demand as follows:

Credits: The Tauri Group

Although acknowledging major uncertainties in the nascent market, the report concludes that “Demand for suborbital flights is sustained and appears sufficient to support multiple providers . Total baseline demand over 10 years exceeds $600 million in SRV flight revenue, supporting daily flight activity ”

Read the full report here.


Credits: The Tauri Group

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