Space food has fascinated those of us on Earth at least as much as it has frustrated those adapting to its consumption in space. Here is a broad look at space food as it has evolved through the years, where it’s heading next, and what it might look like in, say, a future Mars settlement. From toothpaste tubes to 3D printing, this is a special report you won’t want to miss.

Inside Space Food

  • And Don’t Forget to Eat!
  • HACCP: NASA’s Greatest Contribution to the Global Food Supply
  • SciFi Space Food: From Fiction to Future?
  • Space Food through the Years
  • The Future of Food on Mars
  • Earth in a Box
  • Print Your Food: A Revolution in the Space Kitchen

Download Special Report: Space Food in PDF version or browse the electronic version below:

This report was first published in the Winter 2014 issue of Space Safety Magazine.

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