Space Safety Magazine, Issue 8, Summer 2013


Inside the Summer 2013 Issue of Space Safety MagazineSSM8 - Cover

  • Rising Up, Aiming Down
  • Water-filled Helmet Ends EVA: The Close Call of Luca Parmitano
  • The Pedestrian Cause of a Spectacular Crash
  • Space Situational Awareness Sharing for the 21st Century
  • The Nixon Administration and Shuttle Safety – Part 1
  • Moving Towards a Ghana Space Agency
  • Under Pressure: A Brief History of Pressure Suits – Part 3
  • Space Walker: The Story of Astronaut Jerry Ross
  • Assessing the Aviation Risk from Space Debris and Meteoroids
  • Chris Hadfield – A Space Oddity
  • The Cosmonaut, an Intimate and Fantastical Voyage into the Soviet Space Program
  • Announcing the Journal of Space Safety Engineering

Download Space Safety Magazine – Issue 8 – Summer 2013 in PDF version or browse the electronic version below:

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