In the 1980’s space conglomerate Rockwell International had its eye on the future – and the future was in space. This Space Week 2012, see how we measure up on this map of human development. View the plan below or download here.

Here are exerpts from the explanation included on the diagram:

The Rockwell Integrated Space Plan (ISP) is a very long range systematic perspective of America’s and the Western World’s space program. Its 100-plus year vision was created from the integration of numerous NASA long range studies…The ISP is not mean to be a definitive plan for the development of space, but rather a compilation of evolutionary opportunities for our near-term and long-range space activities.

The ISP can be read from top ot bottom or left to right. From top to bottom, vertical column elements are phased in chronologically to support centerline milestones. Reading across the columns from left to right will yield the total scope of required activitiy within a given time period… The Space Shuttle and Space Station are essential initial elements; their value increased through the 1990’s as infrastructure evolves…Obviously the dates shown have an uncertainty which increases with time, but the chronology is intended to be consistent. Finally, the large bubbles represent the synergistic summation of the individual elements of that period. They are the highest level groups of goals; plateaus of human achievement attainable through a comprehensive execution of the depicted ISP elements.

View the plan below or download here:

Rockwell Integrated Space Plan of 1989. Credited to Rockwell International/Ronald M. Jones. Rediscovered by Sean Ragan.

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  1. Keith Burton

    Possibly the messiest plan I’ve ever seen committed to paper!

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