First Ever Graduate Course in Space Safety Announced

University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engieering mural. (Credits: Lan65).

The University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering has annouced the first ever graduate-level course in space safety.

Entitled Safety of Space Systems and Space Missions, the course is designed to teach engineers and program managers how to design systems that will meet human rating certification standards. It will focus on systems engineering of human spaceflight craft, building on real-life experience from the past 50 years in space.

Michael Kezirian, a safety engineer with The Boeing Company and Fellow Member of IAASS, is to teach the course. The textbook used will be Safety Design for Space Systems, sponsored by IAASS and published by Butterworth-Heineman, edited by Gary Eugene Musgrave, Axel (Skip) M. Larsen and edited by Tommaso Sgobba.

USC has made the course available both on campus and online for distance learning. Non-matriculated students may register for the course, provided they have an engineering or related undergraduate degree. Safety of Space Systems and Space Missions will be offered as an elective in USC’s Masters of Science in Astronautical Engineering program.

In the video below USC introduces the Viterbi School of Engineering.



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Merryl Azriel

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