The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law (CRASL) of the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, intends to appoint one or two Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship(s) will be funded by the Erin J C Arsenault Trust Fund and the appointment(s) shall be for an initial duration of one year with a possibility of renewal for a second year. The Postdoctoral Fellow(s) will work as part of a research team at the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law under the leadership and supervision of Professor Dr. Ram S. Jakhu, Project Director of McGill’s MILAMOS Project.

Principal objective of the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program is to train the next generation of Space Law professionals interested in pursuing academic careers in Space Law. Accordingly, in addition to completing a major research project (described below), successful candidates, as members of the CRASL team, may also be required to participate in all activities of the CRASL and the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL)


The CRASL is the research wing of the Institute of Air and Space Law, which was established in 1951 and based at the Faculty of Law of McGill University in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). The IASL is the first academic institution in the world to offer a course in Space Law in 1963. Through the Institute, McGill University currently offers postgraduate (Masters and Doctorate) degree programs as well as a Graduate Certificate program in Air and Space Law. The Institute attracts students and scholars from all over the world. Today, the IASL’s Space Law program is the world’s most advanced, comprehensive, and dynamic program of its kind and is continuously evolving and expanding in order to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s society. For more information about the IASL and its Air and Space Law programs as well as the CRASL, please visit: If you know anyone who aspires to be a globally recognized and specialized aviation and space law expert, please ask him/her to consider McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law as the launch pad for your exciting and highly rewarding professional career. The IASL offers several fellowships and prizes for study in air and space law. For more information, please visit: For assistance, please contact Maria D’Amico at:

The CRASL was established in September 1, 1976 (with the official consent of the Ministère de l’éducation du Québec). The Centre’s research and outreach activities are international, interdisciplinary, and ambitious in nature. In the Space Law domain, the CRASL’s current and ongoing research agenda focuses on “Space Security through the Rule of Law and Sustainable Space Development”. With the kind generosity of the Erin J C Arsenault Trust Fund, the IASL has secured guaranteed funding for this research project. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the CRASL’s research program will revolve around the following two Space Law axes:

  • McGill Draft Convention on the Law of Outer Space; and
  • McGill Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS or McGill Manual, for details visit:


Applicants must hold a postgraduate doctoral degree in space law or international law (preferably with a focus on international law applicable to military activities) obtained within the last five years. The ideal candidate must have a solid track record of original research, a high level of proficiency in English, and must propose a research project that substantively interacts with the CRASL’s Space Law research agenda described above.

The criteria for selection are as follows:

  • originality, quality, and relevance to the CRASL’s Space Law research agenda of the research project proposed by the candidate;
  • ability of the candidate to conduct legal research and perform other academic tasks as evidenced by the candidate’s previous track record of original research and publications;
  • availability and willingness of the candidate to participate actively in the academic life and collegial governance of the CRASL and the IASL, including a commitment to be physically present in Montreal during the tenure of the postdoctoral fellowship; and
  • the candidate’s desire and preparedness to pursue an academic career in Space Law.


 The deadline for receiving applications is 31 March 2018. This full-time position will begin on 1 August 2018 and will last until 31 July 2019. The position will pay a taxable minimum salary of C$55,000 per annum.

Applications are to be submitted electronically to the attention of Maria D’Amico ( Applicants must submit a covering letter, a curriculum vitae, a research proposal (maximum four pages), a transcript of postgraduate (doctoral) studies, and one or more writing samples (from peer-reviewed publications, if possible). Applicants should also name three referees who may be invited by the CRASL to send letters of reference.

For more information about the Fellowships, please contact Professor Ram S. Jakhu at

Source: McGill Institute of Air and Space Law

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