IAASS Space Safety Pioneer Award 2011 to Bryan O’Connor

The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) have selected Bryan O’Connor as the recipient of the IAASS Jerome Lederer – Space Safety Pioneer Award 2011.The award is a means for IAASS to honour professionals who made outstanding contribution to Space Safety. It is named in honour of J. Lederer, father of aviation safety, who became Director of the NASA Office of Manned Spaceflight Safety following the tragic Apollo 1 fire.

Bryan O’ Connor, who served as NASA’s Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance between June 2002 and Aug, 2011, has been an outstanding space safety pioneer who has greatly contributed to human spaceflight safety by introducing at NASA several organizational innovations and the use of the most advanced risk assessment and verification techniques. O’Connor has promoted safety design upgrades, and advanced research and education in the space safety field.

The award ceremony will take place at the fifth IAASS conference “A Safer Space for a Safer World”, which will be held in Versailles, France, in the period 17-19 October 2011. Along with the award, O’Connor will receive an IAASS Honorary Membership.

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