Asteroid 2005 YU55 Makes Uneventful Closest Approach


Asteroid 2005 YU55 made its closest approach to Earth on November 8 at 10:28 PM GMT. According to NASA, the asteroid passed within 324,600 km of Earth’s center. As anticipated, there was no impact to Earth from the event. No gravitational effects are expected.

On November 7, the 70m Deep Space Network radar antenna in Goldstone, CA recorded the following video. According to NASA, this is the highest resolution radar image ever generated of a Near Earth object.


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Merryl Azriel

Merryl Azriel

Merryl is Managing Editor of Space Safety Magazine and Vice President of Public Affairs for the International Space Safety Foundation. A Chemical Engineer and graduate of the International Space University with a Masters in Space Studies, Merryl is committed to the advancement of manned exploration and utilization of space resources.

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