The 6th IAASS International Space Safety Conference “Safety is Not an Option” will be hosted by the McGill University in Montreal (Canada) on 21-23 May 2013. The IAASS conference is the primary gathering of international experts in the field of safety and sustainability of space missions from launch to reentry, on-orbit operations, debris removal, human commercial and governmental spaceflight, etc.

“Usually about 150 papers are selected for presentation at IAASS conferences,” says IAASS President Tommaso Sgobba. “The representations are grouped in 40 sessions, including panel discussion sessions. The conference sessions provide participants with specialized insight, innovative strategies, and open discussion on important aspects of space safety.”

Sessions of the conference will include classical topics of design for safety and risk assessment/management as well as specialized sessions on three main topics which need to garner more attention from the space community: Space Debris Remediation, International Space Traffic Control, and Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety.

“Active removal of dead satellites and spent launcher upper stages from orbit and international coordination of space traffic are mandatory steps both for safe orbital operations as well as for the safety of the public on the ground,” says Sgobba. “The safety of commercial human spaceflight is a critical element for the expansion, and perhaps even continuation, of human spaceflight. The success of commercial spaceflight requires the achievement of a substantially higher level of safety – not solely a reduction in costs.”

The deadline for abstract submittal online has now been extended to 4 January 2013.  Read more about the conference at

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